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Atom Logistics

Working in partnership with Ligentia

Take the complexity out of managing your global supply chain. Our team of passionate problem solvers, backed by smart technology and flexible infrastructure, is here to make sure your goods get exactly where they need to be.



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Why has Atom Logistics partnered with Ligentia?

For 25+ years, Ligentia has been helping leading brands build flexible, sustainable supply chains that are ready to handle unexpected change. Our passionate team of problem solvers, backed by clever tech, go the extra mile so your supply chain can do the same.

Make your supply chain go further with…

  • Seamless Connectivity: Fully optimised, digitised and seamlessly connected supply chains supported by our knowledge, experience and in-house developed technology Ligentix.

  • Reliability you can count on, always: Certainty your goods will get where they need to be, exactly when you need them thanks to a team that’s all about making the impossible possible.

  • Continuous innovation: We work with all our customers on a programme of continuous improvement, so you can be sure you’re always moving forward.

  • Global reach, local expertise: People where you need them, be that by your side or where you can’t be.

  • A customer-centric approach: A supply chain partner dedicated to your success, rising to the challenges of supply chain complexity and creating genuine competitive advantage for your business.

  • A commitment to sustainability: Supply chain sustainability has never been more important, so we’re committed to helping you reduce carbon emissions from your supply chain and make it more sustainable.

Hear from our passionate problem solvers

Our people make supply chains less complicated. Want to know more about how we can help? Hear our story, with a little help from our diverse and passionate team.


Ligetix Control Tower
Ligentix Control Tower

Everything you need in one easy to use platform

Get everything you need for agile supply chains with the Ligentix supply chain management platform. This gives you complete visibility and control over every SKU’s critical path. Along with real-time exception highlighting for quicker, easier decision-making and deep data analytics for long-term supply chain optimisation.

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